Golf Fore Girls

Girls Classes

TARGET Girls:  For girls ages 5-6.  In TARGET female participants will use each letter in TARGET as a golf and life skill lesson and learn the First Tee Code of Conduct.  Female participants will be exposed to the driving range, chipping & pitching areas and putting green.  There is no testing in the TARGET level.  Once a female participant has attended (3) full sessions of TARGET and/or reached the age of 7, a First Tee - Greater Pasadena coach will give a recommendation to move into the PLAYer level. PLAYer Girls:  For girls ages 7 & above. The PLAYer level introduces playing the game of golf with special emphasis on learning golf, the First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the game and developing a game plan for golf and life.  Female participants are eligible for testing after completing at least (3) full sessions (36 hours of programming in the PLAYer Girls class, completion of the "Yardage Book".
Do you have any questions about our Golf Fore Girls program?
Please contact Program Coordinator, Dan Hufford
[email protected]
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