To provide an opportunity for students of First Tee – Greater Pasadena to participate in competitive golf matches as a means to practice and develop the life skills and core values introduced by staff, coaches, and volunteers.


Spring, Summer & Fall 2021

The League will consist of (1) tournament day per week on Saturday from approximately 4pm to 7 pm at one of the below mentioned locations (schedule attached). Teams will travel among area locations each week to play. Transportation not provided by FTGP.


The cost of the Tournament League will be $250 per student per season, which covers the costs of  coaching fees, green fees, team shirt and hat with the First Tee logo and a Jr. pull cart (Jr. Pull Cart for first-time players only).

Seven total 9-hole matches: six regular season meetings, one championship meet

All team members that qualify must be currently enrolled in a PLAYer, Par, Birdie or Eagle class.


-Regular season matches will be a two-team matchup.

-Each team will play a total of seven matches including Championship Week.

-Championship week will be held as the last match of the season.


Regular Season 

-Stroke Play Format

Team: To qualify for a win, a minimum of six players must complete 9-holes. Each team will count the top six scores to determine total score. Otherwise, a team may forfeit a match. (But still play 9-holes)

(Sample Team Score)

Player 1                50

Player 2                58

Player 3                40

Player 4                52

Player 5                44

Player 6                53

Player 7                50

Player 8                58

Player 9                40

Player 10                52

Player 11                44

Player 12                53

Total:                     320

-A team will earn points based on wins, losses and ties. For each win, a team will earn three points. A tie will earn each team one point. Losses will earn zero points.

(Sample Regular Season Standings)

Team               W         L          T          Points

Team 1                 4             2             0             12

Team 2                 3             2             1             10

Team 3                 2             4             0             6

Team 4                 1             5             1             4

Championship week:

Stroke Play Format

 Team Championship

Point Values

1st Place Team: 12 points

2nd Place Team: 9 points

3rd Place Team: 6 points

4th Place Team: 3 points

-In the event of any ties for points or final standings, they will be broken via a card-off between the scorecards of the lowest score of each team. Card-off will go in order of handicap hole. (Card-off will begin with handicap hole 1, followed by 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, and 17th)

-Team with highest total points from combined regular season and championship week points will be named champions.

(Sample final standings score)

Team               W         L          T          Points              Champ. week points     Total

Team 1                 4             2             0             12                           6                                             18

Team 2                 3             2             1             10                           12                                           22 (Champions)

Team 3                 2             4             0             6                             9                                             15

Team 4                 1             5             1             4                             3                                             7

Individual Championship

Each player must complete at least four rounds prior to championship week to qualify.

Players will drop their highest round(s) of the season to determine their standing in the pool of players. Rather than utilizing raw score, player’s standings will be determined by their score in comparison to the par of a particular golf course.

(Sample Best Four Rounds)

Name                           Round 1           Round 2           Round 3           Round 4           Total

Player 1                                ALT 40 (+4)         SC 38 (+8)            ALH 41 (+5)         ALT 39 (+3)         +20

Player 2                                ALH 44 (+8)         SC 40 (+10)         SD 41 (+5)           SD 40 (+4)           +27

Player 3                                SC 45 (+15)         SD 45 (+9)           ALH 39 (+3)         ALH 40 (+4)         +31

The four best rounds plus the final round score combined will be an individual’s final total. Any ties will be broken via card-off.

Top three finishers will earn medals. 

Most Improved Player

 The most improved player is the player that scores the lowest championship round in comparison to their four-round average.

Do you have any questions about Tournament League?
Please contact Tournament League Director, Stephen Im
[email protected]
Program Coordinator, Dan Hufford
[email protected]